Developing a keen ear for music at a very early age, DJ Periodic recognized the healing elements in music for all age groups. She combined this passion with her interest in the science of chemistry to blend a unique production of auditory explosion, referred to as her signature Khemical Rythms. Periodic is known as an eclectic female deejay, who enjoys spinning various genres of music. She is revolutionizing the ever so constant and evolving musical matrix with her infamous and soulful blends of urban music from hip hop, R&B, reggae, to house! 

    Within the last five years, Periodic became passionate towards building her DJ laboratory with global pursuits to reach audiences. She further believes that her worldwide perspective is an example of her urbanism intended to bridge music through global lenses. She has gained a multitude of international listeners with her weekly online shows. She currently has clients ranging from Big Boi of Outkast, upscale private events, to Deepdimension house radio. 

      DJ Periodic presents herself with the utmost professionalism and respects the science of music and production. With an enthusiasm to reconstruct the music game, Periodic allows her audience to share in an experience…never knowing what songs she will perfectly blend into the rotation. Periodic is a party rocker, showstopper, and a beast on the wheels of steel – guaranteed to captivate every listener during every set!